WHO is the company wecatec Ltd. and who is the owner Marco Fendt and what makes Mr. Fendt a real "expert" in the field of water filters, reverse osmosis systems and drinking water treatment.

I would like to briefly introduce myself.

I am Marco Fendt, owner of wecatec Ltd, a visionary, thinker, researcher and man of the heart.

I am 45 years old, married, have two great children and was born and raised in Germany (Bavaria). I lived for several years in Füssen/ Allgäu (Bavaria) and most recently I lived for a short time in Austria (Carinthia) until I decided to live on the beautiful island of Cyprus. I love traveling and have experienced a lot, I think clearly and independently and walk through the world with open eyes and ears. My virtues include respect, decency and honesty.

I am very well connected and have met many interesting people with great ideas and enormous knowledge, including researchers (water & health), developers, doctors, engineers, "healers" and other wonderful people around the world. Everyone here has their experience and vast knowledge, which I have listened to, looked at and absorbed. When I was intensively involved with the topic of "water" and "health", I realized that sales strategies or personal interests (money) usually play a more important role than the health aspect and the people themselves.

And to be honest, there are many companies and salespeople in the water filter systems and water treatment sector who don't always tell the truth and usually only have "half-knowledge". It's usually all about making as many sales and as much profit as possible. I also dealt intensively with the subject of water, drinking water and health when my daughter was born. I questioned and researched everything and had my own thoughts. What "fairy tales" are served up to us here about our oh-so-good tap water. About the mineral water that is so good. About the great filter systems and drinking water facilities. But the reality and the truth is frightening.

I have also spent years testing and researching many water filter systems and osmosis systems. However, none of them met the needs and requirements. That's why I decided to take matters into my own hands and develop and offer new technologies and achievements that are unique in their kind and are beneficial to all people and animals and do not harm nature. I regularly exchange ideas with my international team, which includes doctors, scientists, engineers and researchers. For many years I have been working intensively on the important topics of water, life, health, energy, frequency, vibration and nature. I have tested, tried, experienced, seen and tried out many things. I have practiced many of my own studies and experiments here. I have also practiced, tried and tested many things in practice. I have invested a lot of money and a lot of time here in recent years. But it was worth it, because I have an enormous amount of knowledge about these areas and know what I'm talking about.

I was a so-called certified, accredited drinking water sampler in Germany and for several years I took water samples in hotels, apartment buildings, retirement homes, schools, kindergartens and private homes and had them tested for a wide variety of pollutants. You can tell a lot about the state of our water here. Namely - miserable and very hazardous to health! I also work on a voluntary basis as President of the NaturaSalus Institute for Science and Research in the field of nature, animal and environmental protection. Here we have several great research and education programs in which we research and develop many things, as well as "test" and observe in studies what enables people, animals and plants to live a natural, healthy, happy life. Everything that wecatec Ltd. offers is based, among other things, on a hexagonal structure or hexagonal water. Because water with a hexagonal structure is probably the greatest secret of health - anyone who understands this is on the right track. "A healthy DNA is basically surrounded by hexagonal water, while disorganized water is present around the DNA of diseased tissue" (Prof. Dr. Mu Shik Jhon: The Water Puzzle). Also the book: Hexagonal water - the key to health.

There is still a lot of information, experience and interesting facts about hexagonal water/hexagonal structure. Anyone is welcome to research this for themselves. In addition, with all my knowledge and experience, I am always personally available to answer people's questions about water disinfection, water revitalization, drinking water systems, filter systems, hexagonal water and "health healing". I advise and support people honestly, individually and specifically.

I want to make pure, hexagonal water available to people all over the world.
For health and life.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Marco Fendt,
wecatec Ltd.


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I, Marco Fendt, owner of wecatec Ltd, will be happy to support and advise you individually and respond to your wishes and ideas.

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