Oscillator23 (Radiothermy)

More and more people who attach great importance to their health and personal responsibility are now opting for the Oscillator23 and using it for themselves and their families.

The Oscillator used to be called a "healing device" until it was finally banned. Let your imagination run wild to find out who could be behind this ban.

The Oscillator23 (Radiothermia) is a sophisticated technological high frequency device specifically designed to utilize weak alternating current and extremely high frequency signals.

Thanks to this unique property, the Oscillator23 helps your cells to restore the necessary electrical cell membrane voltage of at least -70 millivolts without causing any undesirable side effects. At the same time, it creates an optimal water environment with a hexagonal structure for your cells.

The Oscillator23 uses a frequency of 150 MHz, which corresponds to the DNA-optimized frequency. This unique frequency has the ability to correct existing irregularities in the body and restore balance.

In contrast to conventional multi-wave oscillators (MWO), the Oscillator23 is a single-wave oscillator with a frequency of 150 megahertz (150 MHz).

The foundations of the Oscillator23 can be traced back to the groundbreaking discoveries of two outstanding scientists: Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky. Tesla discovered a new type of electromagnetic wave known as the longitudinal wave or Tesla wave.

With this wave, it is not only possible to transmit multiple information frequencies similar to a radio signal, but also to transmit electrical energy wirelessly.

Energy transmission by means of Tesla waves even makes it possible to light up a fluorescent tube, even over considerable distances.

Benefits of the Oscillator23

Who is it suitable for?

  • People with acute and chronic pain
  • Athletes to improve performance and recovery
  • People with inflammatory diseases
  • People with skin problems
  • People with muscle tension
  • People with sleep disorders and stress symptoms
  • Anyone who wants to improve their general health and vitality

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Michela Strasser, Cyprus


Are you interested in the Oscillator23 and the unimagined possibilities of "healing with high-frequency therapy" according to Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky?

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