VITEMA energy and health mat


The VITEMA energy and health mat is a versatile therapeutic mat for users seeking natural relief and relaxation.


VITEMA energy and health mat

Introducing the VITEMA ENERGY - more than just a heating pad. This versatile therapy mat is designed to combat the negative effects of daily life, providing effective and natural relief at home or on the go.

VITEMA ENERGY stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and promotes the regeneration of body and mind with high-quality minerals so that you can feel better.

The mat is made of high-quality materials that ensure optimum safety and durability. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, from wellness and sports to yoga studios, hotels, caravanning and therapy practices.

The VITEMA ENERGY is a vitality mat that combines four natural properties to offer you optimum benefits. You can use all the functions of the VITEMA ENERGY together, individually or in combination.

As everyone is unique and the demands of life are different, you can tailor the use of VITEMA ENERGY to your personal needs.

The VITEMA ENERGY functions described below support vitality and well-being.

Infrared deep heat

The product uses advanced technology to generate long-wave infrared heat, which is similar to natural emissions from the sun.

This form of heat is easily absorbed by the human body as it matches the body's natural bio-frequency.

It can help to improve blood circulation, relieve tension, strengthen the immune system and stimulate the metabolism.

PEMF magnetic field therapy

Equipped with four magnetic coils, the VITEMA ENERGY generates pulsating magnetic fields that stimulate blood circulation in the muscles and calm and strengthen the nervous system.

The improved circulation, both physically and mentally, promotes general vitality and relaxation.

There are various PEMF programs to meet individual needs.

Photon light therapy

For times when natural sunlight is not available, the VITEMA ENERGY has 12 red LEDs with a wavelength of 660 nm.

These LEDs emit light that is free of UV radiation but promotes skin regeneration and increases cell energy.

Negative ions

The product contains high-quality minerals such as tourmaline, germanium, alumina, jade and emeralds, which are processed into VITEMA mineral pearls.

These beads, which are integrated into the product, generate up to 1360 negative ions per cubic centimeter, an amount that is considered optimal for the human body.

This natural concentration of ions is comparable to that experienced after a thunderstorm or near a waterfall and contributes to a feeling of well-being.

Everywhere you go

Your individual wellness companion

Because everyone is unique, VITEMA ENERGY allows users to tailor their experience to their individual needs. Thanks to its adaptability, it is suitable for a wide range of applications and areas of use, allowing users to use it where and how they want.

  • Therapy: The VITEMA ENERGY is often used as a therapeutic mat in professional physiotherapy practices. It offers the advantage of combining four applications in one device, making it a versatile tool for healthcare professionals.
  • Hotels: Many hotels now offer VITEMA ENERGY as part of their facilities, allowing guests to transform their rooms into private wellness retreats at the touch of a button.
  • Caravanning: It is impossible to imagine the world of caravanning and mobile living without this innovative product, as it ensures that users can enjoy its energy-boosting effect wherever their adventures take them.
Heat at any time

Vacation at home

Especially in the cold season, we are drawn to warm vacation spots all over the world. The Mediterranean, Spain, South America and Asia are popular destinations, because warmth relaxes me, caresses my soul and simply does me good. Back home, I'm already longing for my next break. Until then, the VITEMA ENERGY is always ready for you at the touch of a button and offers you all the feel-good programs in one device.

You can use the VITEMA ENERGY programs together, individually or in combination. As everyone is unique and the demands of life are so different, you can use VITEMA ENERGY according to your personal needs.

No matter where you spend the best time of the year - VITEMA ENERGY brings your vacation straight to your home.

  • Infrared deep heat: Improves blood circulation and relieves tension / strengthens the immune system and stimulates the metabolism.

  • PEMF pulsating magnetic field therapy: Calms and strengthens the body and nerves / ensures relaxation and regeneration.

  • Negative ions: The selected mineral composition in VITEMA ENERGY generates 5 times more negative ions than in nature.

  • Negative ions: The selected mineral composition in VITEMA ENERGY generates 5 times more negative ions than in nature.

Scope of delivery

  • VITEMA ENERGY IR vitality mat
  • Control system
  • Protective cover
  • PEMF frequency tester
  • Carrier bag
  • Operating instructions


What is infrared deep heat?2023-11-03T01:15:16+01:00

Infrared radiation-A, -B and -C are natural components of sunlight. Without this radiation, which we perceive as heat, life on earth would not be possible at all. Our atmosphere filters out most of the infrared-C radiation. We can enjoy the infrared A and B components of sunlight as pleasant warmth in our leisure time. The infrared energy warms bodies/objects directly and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.

Infrared deep heat reaches up to 5mm into the human body. The tissue is heated quickly and gently. This improves blood circulation and the muscles are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Muscle tension can be relieved and back pain alleviated. The self-healing powers are activated and the immune system is strengthened. Infrared deep heat is widely used in therapy and in the wellness sector.

  • Infrared radiation can improve blood circulation
  • Infrared activates biomolecular activity
  • Improvement of the metabolism
  • Improvement of the immune function
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
What influence do magnetic fields have?2023-11-03T01:15:11+01:00

Abstract Earth with magnetic fields

Our earth is surrounded by a magnetic field. This shields the earth from high-energy solar winds and protects us from ultraviolet radiation through the magnetosphere. Whales, pigeons and bees, for example, use the Earth's magnetic field to orient themselves in their environment.

The pulsating magnetic field calms and strengthens our body and nerves. It ensures pleasant relaxation and regeneration. Magnetic therapy is an alternative medical treatment method.

It is recommended to drink a large glass of water before and after the treatment. Magnetic field therapy is said to accelerate metabolic processes that produce waste products that need to be excreted via the kidneys. Drinking supports this process.

PEMF magnetic field therapy is an instrumental physical therapy in which pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) are used to relieve pain and inflammation in bones, muscles and joints. Magnetic therapy can be applied at low frequency and high intensity or at high frequency and low intensity. Magnetotherapy is safe, painless and non-invasive and can be performed in the comfort of your own home. In addition, the number of contraindications generally accepted in the literature is limited.

How are photons created?2023-11-03T01:15:07+01:00

Photons are elementary particles and form the basis of all life on earth. According to Albert Einstein's "photon theory of light", photons are created from an excess of energy in the atom, move at the speed of light in a vacuum and have no mass. If energy is supplied to a body or its atoms with the help of light or heat, its electrons reach a higher energy level.

Back in the 1970s, the German physicist Prof. Fritz Albert Popp discovered that photon therapy can lead to the activation of the body's own self-healing powers. Photons penetrate deep into the tissue and stimulate the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a molecule that acts as an energy carrier within every living cell and is also an important regulator of energy-supplying processes.

What are negative ions?2023-11-03T01:15:20+01:00

Negative ions occur naturally in our environment. These electrically charged particles have an excess of electrons and are therefore referred to as "negative" ions. Contrary to their name, however, negative ions have a particularly positive effect on us.

The human body needs them for cell functions. In addition, negative ions have a very beneficial effect on our mood. Negative ions improve the supply of oxygen to the brain (increased alertness) and the absorption of nutrients. There are positive effects on sleep quality, detoxification of the body and athletic performance. Negative ions are very beneficial for health, because by improving the energy metabolism, the immune system is strengthened and self-healing powers are activated.

Knowing this, we should surround ourselves with negative ions as often as possible. But where can we find these great helpers for our health? Go out into nature. Wherever there is high humidity, e.g. due to flowing water, the number of negative ions is significantly higher. There is a reason why most people are drawn to rivers or the sea in their free time.

Hike through forests, go out after a thunderstorm or take a vacation in the mountains. - The effect of the negative ions is incredible there too. Why does it feel so good? Sure, negative ions. You can't see them, but you can feel the power of the negative ions and experience a completely natural improvement in mood and vitality.

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Professorin Lara Misel, Austria

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Dr. Markus Habermann, Germany

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Mariana und Günther Trauter, North Cyprus

"I met Mr. Fendt personally in Cyprus and I am delighted with his knowledge, his open and friendly manner and his unique products. He has created something really great for the people here. I have chosen several of his products and I am simply grateful and happy. Many of my "ailments" and "pains" are now gone. I feel more mobile, more agile, healthier and no longer have to take painkillers or medication. Many thanks again Mr. Fendt and I can only warmly recommend the company wecatec."

Michela Strasser, Cyprus

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