Hydrogen booster, 400 ml, glass


The future of healthy drinking. With state-of-the-art technology and high-purity hydrogen, it enables you to produce healthy hydrogen water with a high redox potential anywhere and at any time.


Hydrogen booster, 400 ml, glass

Welcome to the future of healthy drinking with our HB 3.0 hydrogen booster! This latest model, equipped with PEM+SPE technology, produces amazingly pure hydrogen that is suitable for drinking.

You can easily fill the booster with limescale-free, filtered water, be it reverse osmosis water, distilled water or mineral water with less than 100 ppm. Drinking hydrogen has never been so easy!

Albert von Szent-György, who received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1937 and is known as the discoverer of vitamin C, made the following statement about hydrogen:

"Our body really only knows one fuel: hydrogen."

The hydrogen booster offers the following functions and features

The power of hydrogen for your health

Immerse yourself in the world of the HB 3.0 hydrogen booster, which uses the power of hydrogen to support your health. This innovative device uses state-of-the-art PEM+SPE technology to produce pure hydrogen water with an impressive purity of 99.99%. With its portability and 400 ml capacity, the HB 3.0 is easy to handle and allows you to enjoy hydrogen-rich water anywhere, anytime. Discover the refreshing world of hydrogen-rich water and invest in your health.

Versatile applications and advantages

Our HB 3.0 hydrogen booster offers you numerous applications that can promote your health and that of your family. Not only can you drink it to benefit from its antioxidant properties, but you can also use it to refine food to preserve its freshness. Even your pets can reap the benefits of hydrogen-rich water. This versatile solution integrates easily into your everyday life and allows you to easily incorporate hydrogen into your health routine.

Improved performance and recovery

Top athletes and professional footballers use hydrogen every day. They drink hydrogen water before and after every training session and competition because it reduces oxidative stress, thereby lowering lactate levels and enabling them to regenerate more quickly. Hydrogen can also help people who have to overcome major challenges or efforts at work.

Integrating hydrogen into everyday life

Discover a simple and effective way to integrate hydrogen into your everyday life and boost your health. Our HB 3.0 Hydrogen Booster offers you the opportunity to harness the power of hydrogen to fight oxidative damage and support your health. Invest in your health and that of your loved ones by exploring the versatile uses of our hydrogen booster and experiencing the benefits of hydrogen-rich water.

How to use

  1. Always fill with water to just below the rim.
  2. Screw the lid on tightly. Make sure that no water touches the lid so that you can allow the air gases displaced by the hydrogen to escape through the pressure relief valve integrated in the lid.
  3. Press the switch button once to activate the 5-minute phase (blue operating mode).
  4. Press the switch button twice to activate the 7-minute phase (green operating mode).
  5. An acoustic signal only sounds when a production cycle is complete.
Your hydrogen generator

The future of healthy drinking

With the HB 3.0 hydrogen booster, you literally have the future of healthy drinking in your hands. Whether you're at home, in the office or on the go, you can produce pure hydrogen water anytime, anywhere. Drink water that is not only refreshing, but also helps to give your health a boost.

Experience the change that the HB 3.0 hydrogen booster can bring to your life and invest in your health today.

Important notes

Scope of delivery2023-11-03T07:29:09+01:00

Your hydrogen booster box contains the mobile device, 400 ml, with all the accessories.

Redox potential & H2 content of hydrogen water2023-11-03T07:23:13+01:00

Hydrogen-rich water has the property of being transient. This is because hydrogen - the fuel of life - is a very volatile gas and half of it disappears from the water within two hours - unless it is prevented from doing so by thick glass or metal.

You have to drink highly saturated hydrogen water quickly after production. This makes the hydrogen booster the perfect device for on the go - or simply for an inexpensive start. Because wherever you are, you can prepare fresh, healthy hydrogen water in just a few minutes.

"Many thanks to Mr. Fendt for his commitment, his comprehensive, honest advice and the great products. My family and I have the Hexagon23-800 GPD, the 2030 water treatment system, the glass hydrogen booster and the Aladdin carafe. We feel, sense, taste and experience all of this every day with joy and pleasure. We are all in the best of health and wouldn't want to be without these great products."

Michael Hofer, Germany

"I've been looking into the subject of drinking water and filter systems for months. And to be honest, as a "layman" you are completely overwhelmed here. Because every system and every company is known to have the "best", the most innovative and the latest. Ultimately, however, everyone wants to sell their product and it's usually the customer who ends up the "sucker". I am happy and grateful that I became aware of the company wecatec and Mr. Fendt. Mr. Fendt knows what he is talking about. He gives honest advice, has an enormous amount of knowledge and you simply have a good feeling with him. I have just bought the Hexagon23- 800 GPD and I am simply delighted with it. I will buy one or two more things from Mr. Fendt for my health."

Manuela Gassner, Germany

"Over the last few months, I have been talking intensively with Mr. Fendt about health and water. I have to say that Mr. Fendt has a very high level of knowledge and knows what he is talking about. You can tell that he lives for his products and these areas and is passionate about them. He is also an honest and open person, which is very pleasant and ultimately the reason why I opted for his special products. Thank you very much Mr. Fendt and good luck for the future."

Dr. Susi Nimmrichter, Austria

"Just a big thank you to the company wecatec and to the owner Mr. Fendt. The sensational and useful products offered by wecatec are second to none. In addition, this company does not operate with numerous salespeople who only want to/need to tell you what they know and generate as many sales as possible and usually make empty promises, but Mr. Fendt shines here with years of research, further developments and a high level of expertise. He is also a man of the heart and enables people to live healthy and happy lives. It's just great that there are people with such vision."

Professorin Lara Misel, Austria

"I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Fendt personally. I have been dealing with the topic of water and health for years. And I know many well-known companies that advertise and hype their products. But there is usually not much behind them apart from a psychological, elaborate marketing/advertising campaign. Moreover, they are all overpriced and the price/performance ratio is absolutely not right. In contrast to the company wecatec and Mr. Fendt. Here it is important that the price/performance ratio is right and that the products keep all the "promises" that are made. I can only confirm this. I decided to buy products from wecatec. My family and I are very enthusiastic and can only recommend it."

Dr. Markus Habermann, Germany

"We emigrated from Germany to Northern Cyprus a few months ago. Now you can't drink the tap water there and you can't drink the water from the plastic bottles either. The cheap and simple reverse osmosis systems and/or filter systems, which cost between €300 and €600, can't be used either, as they don't make sense or never completely purify the water and don't contaminate it. Thank goodness we got to know Mr. Fendt from the company wecatec. Mr. Fendt gave us detailed and honest advice and informed us about everything. It was also important to us that we always had a contact person and that we would be able to get replacement filters without any problems in the future. We are completely satisfied with wecatec and Mr. Fendt. We have now been drinking the pure, hexagonal drinking water from the Hexagon23- 800 GPD for 6 weeks. And we like the taste of the water and use it not only for drinking, but also for tea, coffee, cooking and brushing our teeth. We can recommend it 100% and will be happy to do so in Northern Cyprus and Germany."

Mariana und Günther Trauter, North Cyprus

"I met Mr. Fendt personally in Cyprus and I am delighted with his knowledge, his open and friendly manner and his unique products. He has created something really great for the people here. I have chosen several of his products and I am simply grateful and happy. Many of my "ailments" and "pains" are now gone. I feel more mobile, more agile, healthier and no longer have to take painkillers or medication. Many thanks again Mr. Fendt and I can only warmly recommend the company wecatec."

Michela Strasser, Cyprus

Offer price

349,00 €

299,00 €

The price is gross (incl. 19% VAT),
plus shipping and packaging.

  • 1 x hydrogen generator

  • 1 x generator cover
  • 1 x glass bottle 400ml
  • 1 x lid with pressure equalization
  • 1 x lid with connection for inhalation
  • 1 x nasal cannula for inhalation
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x USB mains plug
  • 2 x bottle adapters (different)
  • 3 x replacement seals
  • 1 x operating instructions English
  • 1 x operating instructions German
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